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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sticky Saturday - Special College Edition

Ok, so I've officially sworn off football cards since the most recent time the Falcons ripped out my soul, and this card doesn't technically follow the spirit of the Sticky Saturday posts, but I found this card on eBay recently and it's just too freaking cool.

2008 SAGE Aspire has an insert set where they take the stickers that get put on college players' helmets when they make a good play and stuck them onto a card. The first time I saw one of these it was for some Michigan State player and I was all like, sheesh they'll do anything to sell cards nowadays. Then I saw this card of Marcus Howard with the UGA dawg bone stickers and all of a sudden IT WAS THE GREATEST IDEA EVER! They are actual vinyl stickers that go on helmets too. When I put the card on my scanner bed they stuck to the glass a little bit. You can keep your buckeyes and pawprints and such, but the dawg bones are just perfect. Fun fact: do you know what the black bones you occasionally see on Georgia helmets represent? Answer soon...

Here's the back of the card. A nice photo of Marcus showing off his many stickers on the bench is paired with some fun facts about Ohi- wait, what??

What does that say??? Even Marcus seems confused.

Ohio State‽ Did someone at SAGE miss that big ol' G on Howard's helmet?

Why do card manufacturers keep screwing up the cards of players I like this year? It boggles the mind. I know SAGE won't be getting any black bones from UGA though. Vince Dooley began the tradition of putting bone stickers on helmets back in 1971. White bones for great plays, and black bones for academic excellence. See those black bones on Howard's helmet? They mean he's a helluva linebacker AND damn smart too! Yeah Marcus!


Matt said...

I posted a funny little card back screw-up on my blog yesterday. Tricky little things like...colleges...get these companies every time.

I'm pretty sure the black bone is for academics.

Bay Rat North West said...

It's as if these companies only hire one person, a woman who picks a winner based on if the uniform is CUTE, to proof.
Or they want the Reds and Braves in the same division again.

Bay Rat North West said...


Something to mess with Mario about.

Anonymous said...

Nice catch. Not only did they miss the big G on his helmet, they missed the fact that Ohio State's helmets ARE SILVER!!

How could they screw something up that bad?

Yes, I am a Buckeye fan. Your Bulldogs and our Buckeyes may be meeting sometime in January!

DaveH said...

tony...I wouldn't wish for another OSU v SEC match-up any time soon. Seems the Bucks have a difficult time putting up W's against the SEC in bowl games.

Anonymous said...

daveh - can't disagree with you there. Buckeyes have had a tough run at them darn Southern teams.

Either way, I'd rather lose in the Championship game than not be in it at all!