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Friday, June 27, 2008

Thoughts on tonight's game

I sort of half listened to most of tonight's game against the Blue Jays on the radio. When I finally finished with all the other crap I was doing I settled in to watch the last couple of innings on TV and saw everyone dressed up like this:

This frightened and confused me as I thought a time vortex had somehow swooped me back to 1981 or something. I'm not a real big American league guy and I haven't seen a single game with the Jays this year before now. I finally remembered about the Jays going with the old school alternate jerseys this year but it was still a little unsettling. The Jays played in their alternates about the same way we're playing in our new navy blue road jerseys. Lousy. Shut out over 8 innings by Jair Jurrjens.

Speaking of Jair: Edgar who? 8-3 with an ERA in the twos. I'm loving that trade now.

One last thing. Brent Lillibridge is twelve years old. So what if he got a double tonight. He's 12. Even if his driver's license says he was born in 1983 I still say he is 12. I don't care if I get notarized documents from his mother, the pope and the guy who fact checks the personal info on the back of his baseball cards swearing he is actually 24, I watched that game tonight and that was a 12 year old in that uniform. A twelve year old who is damn good at playing baseball, but you can't tell me he's older than 12. Brent is the youngest looking player I have ever seen. I am including little league. He and Gonzo played well tonight though, so add the LaRoche trade to the Renteria trade as good ones for the Bravos so far.

The Braves are still not back to .500 yet, but at least they're not completely out of contention. Now if the Rangers can just hold on against the Phillies, we can inch a little closer to first place. Still behind the Mets and the Marlins though. At least the stinky Nationals are keeping us out of the cellar.


Captain Canuck said...

the Roach trade a good one? Talk to me about our 1st base situation before trading away the farm for Tex. And then after Tex leaves. I know he's struggling in Pitt... but he always will there. In Atlanta, he was never "the guy". There was Chip, Frenchie, Mac... he was always the 4th or 5th guy you looked to to come through. Now in Pitt, he's all of a sudden the guy. Or #2 if Bay is hitting well. that does not suit his personality. if he came back... he'd be the the #5 slugging % guy in the NL that he was when he left.

and don't get me started on the whole Gonzo on the shelf for the last 11 months thing.......

madding said...

I think Brad Thompson of the Cards is also 12.

dayf said...

Touched a nerve with Brian :) Tex is going to be on fire for the rest of the season because Boras is pushing that 20 million contract year. Gonzalez is the closest thing we have to a closer right now. Brent does look good so far. Giving up Adam really screwed us last year though.

LaRoche is apparently on the outs in Pittsburgh so if he doesn't get traded at the deadline, he might be a trade option for the Braves in the offseason. He's arbitration eligible for two more years and would be a good fit long term just for his defense and would also be a good stopgap if the Braves develop Jason Heyward as a first baseman. I agree Adam needs out of Pittsburgh. The Braves (if Tex leaves) or maybe one of the New York teams awould be a good fit. The Yankees could REALLY use a good player like Rochie to be a Scott Brosius type.

Madding: I looked at that card and Brad isn't 12. He's 8. They're really drafting them young these days.