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Monday, June 29, 2009

Heavyweight Retro Championship of the World: Card 5

The whole "Every celebrity on the planet dying all at the same time" thing has got my mind messed up so I took most of the weekend off. Time to get back on track with card #5.

#1 Heritage Young Hill Stars

This is a pretty cool card, although I'm almost certain James Shields is pasted in. The original Young Hill Stars card from 1960 featured Jack Fisher, Milt Pappas and Jerry Walker.

4 points

#2 Heritage High Joakim Soria

Forget the fact that this guy has his own trading card set, The best part about this card is on the back:

Cha cha cha!

2 points

#3 Goudey Mark Teahen

Ordinarily the sheer blueness of this card would be good for a high score, but poor Mark got caught up in a bad matchup. Story of this career, really.

1 point

fifth round, yadda yadda, scores...

2009 Heritage 12 - 2009 Goudey 11 - 2008 Heritage High Series 11.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

The "paste a Shields" really makes the Hill Stars card. It's really in the spirit of old school Topps airbrushing, etc., and nice to see them trot out the kitsche (sic) every once in a while.

David said...

I like David Price - I wonder how long the Rays will be able to keep him for....

Dinged Corners said...

Mr. Soria is: happy cha cha cha in the cartoon, quite the frowny face in the photo.

Andrew said...

re: the cartoon on the Heritage card... I wonder who the artist is for that? *rubs chin*