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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wal Mart Goudey Rip Off Pack

Found this in a gravity feed box at Wal Mart. It was friendly and small and cute so I let it hop in my cart. Since $5 rack packs with 16 cards were right next to it and Target has 8 card packs for $3, I guessed a mini pack of Goudey would cost a couple of bucks, right?

WRONG. $2.97. For five cards. What a gyp. Who does Upper Deck think they are, Donruss? I guess they took my complaints about 8 card hobby packs costing two bucks more than 8 card retail packs and responded by cutting the number of cards in the retail pack. The damage is done, here's what was in the pack.

No.15 Adam Jones

Why do I keep wanting to call him Pac Man? I should know better by now.

No.257 Jerry West Sport Royalty SP

This is my first Sport Royalty card for the '09 set. Jerry West is cool, but why the black and white photo?

No.14 Kelly Johnson blue mini

Now I'm feeling kind of stupid for complaining. Results may not be typical. One thing I just noticed, the color of the Goudey bar at the bottom is the same as the ink color on the back. That's convenient.

No.101 Rafael Furcal

Furcal's not hitting too well this year so far is he? Aaahh, schadenfreude.

No.155 Ryan Howard

Cool, a real live superstar. Ryan is on the wrapper of the Series Two Topps pack I should have bought instead of this. I like the blue Phillies cap.

Ok, so that pack was pretty good, but the 5 card packs are still a rip off. Caveat emptor, kiddos.


Anonymous said...

I thought something similar when I bought a blister pack of 09 Spectrum in K-mart. It was $5 for 5 cards. The pack break http://shotnottaken.wordpress.com/2009/06/10/cotg-09-spectrum-hanley-ramirez/

Now that is a ripoff

Anonymous said...

Yeah, see, Topps does it a little better. With A&G you get the same amount of cards per pack for $3 retail, so for a set builder it's cheaper than hitting hobby packs for $5-8. UD is just silly doing it this way.