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Friday, February 8, 2008

2008 Topps Box Break - Packs 13-16

Pack 13:

10 Miguel Cabrera
304 Jose Vidro
58 NL RBI Leaders Matt Holliday, Ryan Howard, Miguel Cabrera
291 Eugenio Velez RC
202 Mike Lamb
109 Joe Nathan
OTG24 Brad Penny Own the Game
116 Gold Foil Chuck James
Checklist 1
46 Zack Greinke
236 Joe Koshansky

Miguel got the photoshop treatment just like Andruw did. I'm not that familiar with thier unis, but that looks like a spring training uniform to me. Miguel is also featured on the league leader card. He tied Prince Fielder and Carlos lee for 119 RBI's but Miguel gets the nod. Brad Penny apparently had a heck of a year in '07. He gets a shiny card for his efforts. I finally get a Gold Foil card I care about, so I'll scan it so you all can see the difference between the two cards.

Yeah, good luck picking those out of the packs easily.

99 David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez Postseason Highlights
256 Alex Rodriguez AL MVP
287 Justin Morneau, Joshan Santana & Joe Mauer Classic Combos
229 Dustin Pedroia
303 Jose Lopez
259 Emilio Bonifacio RC
110 Gold Justin Morneau #0754/2008
147 Marlon Anderson
189 Esteban German
200 Manny Ramirez

This is the Superstars in your face pack. Awwww... David and Manny are in love. How sweet. The meat is missing from the Johan sandwich now. Topps managed to find the one photo where that little indentation for the Topps logo actually fits the picture. I got a Justin Morneau gold too. Didn't I just pull his base card two packs ago? A-Rod MVP, Manny base... not a bad pack even if there's nothing new in here.

Pack 15:
243 Akinori Iwamura
152 Bronson Arroyo
100 Ryan Howard
186 Lastings Milledge
255 Brandon Phillips
155 Carlos Zambrano
OTG9 Lance Berkman Own the Game
12 Gold Foil Jason Bartlett
David Wright TotC ad
205 Gil Meche
51 Erik Bedard

So is Bedard gonna get traded or what? Is Peter Angelos seeing if he can drag this trade out longer than the Johan deal? After all the fuss over Gil Meche's contract, he goes 9-13. Howard.... Zambrano... Berkman... nice pack.

Pack 16:
225 Hunter Pence
77 Angel Guzman
322 AL Strikeout Leaders - Scott Kazmir, Johan Santana & Erik Bedard
30 Jimmy Rollins
89 Josh Willingham
177 Josh Anderson RC
227 Alfredo Amezaga #764/2008
Rookie Cup ad
150 Alfonso Soriano
263 Nook Logan
111 Ubaldo Jimenez

These stupid Gold Foil cards are screwing me up. I can't remember if Hunter Pence is a double or not. Jimmy Rollins is too cool to pose for a bubble gum card. Two of the three AL strikeout leaders have been traded, yet poor Scott Kazmir still languishes in Tampa. IT took me a few minutes to realize that Josh Anderson got traded to the Braves. Howcome no airbrushing for him Topps? I'm in the middle of the box doldrums. I've pulled all the different inserts and I'm just hanging on looking for a hit.

The box so far:

Base cards - 134
Checklists - 4
Dupes - 0

Gold Foil - 8
Gold #/2008 - 4

Own The Game - 4 - Howard, Webb PEnny & Berkman
Mantle Home Runs - 2 - 531, 533
Mantle History - 2 - 48, 49
Trading Card History - 2 - Santana & Mauer
All Rookie Team - 2 - Anderson & Willis
Year in review - 2 - Everett & Reyes


Andy said...

Oh I love the Josh Anderson photo. You may have noticed at the 88 Topps blog that I love spring training shots.

Chris Harris said...

So, which Chuck James is the "regular" and which one is the "Gold?"

This smells like "Red Letter" 2.0 to me.

Anonymous said...

The more cards I see, the more hideous that 'drop down' Topps logo is. It just about ruins every card, that Twins sandwhich card being the exception.

This would really be one nice looking set if it wasn't for that darn logo...so close..

It makes me want to scan and photoshop the logo out to see what they would look like....

Don said...

It looks like the photoshoppers tried to make Cabrerra look like he was wearing the Tiger practice jersey, but it looks like crap. I think the photo is from a Marlin away game when they wore their black tops, the dugout kind of looks like Yankee stadium.

Remember the Sheffield photoshop last year when they screwed up the Tiger away jersey? This one is just as bad.

dayf said...

Chris - So, which Chuck James is the "regular" and which one is the "Gold?"

You mean it's not OBVIOUS??

To be fair, this was actually in the sell sheet. They were advertised as "glittering cards". Wheeeeee.

(The gold foil Chuckie is on the right)

Steve Gierman said...

I just examined my 4 packs of Topps from yesterday. Those are hard to see, even in person! They went right past me the first few times.

Billy Suter said...

I know this is only barely related to the topic at hand, but does anyone know when the '08s will show up at Chinamart... er, Walmart?

dayf said...

Blasters usually hit the week after the hobby boxes are released. Sometimes it takes two weeks depending on the store.