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Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Stupid Year In Review - Part 2: Topps Series 1

The response to this seems favorable so far, so I'll go ahead full steam with these stupid cartoons chronicling the 2008 baseball card sets.



Cardboard Addiction said...

Dayf, this needs to be a regular feature in 2009. This is so simple, yet awesome!

The sewingmachineguy said...


dinged corners said...

dayf, these are masterworks of brevity and truth.

Billy Suter said...

What is this? Cardchan? I kinda like it.

dayf said...

Billy Suter:


I've got about 8 of these made and more floating around in my head, so expect a very /b/ January.

Dave said...

Oh wow, these are hilarious and remind me a little bit of the Perry Bible Fellowship comics!