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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Big Stuff from The Easy Life

Ok, time to get caught up on posting all these packages that have been piling up. This one here is a present from The Easy Life. I still haven't gotten his Christmas package together yet so I feel kind of bad. Steve sent along some nifty oddball stuff. Here are a few bigguns:

1984 Topps Super Dale Murphy

I've had half this set for a long time out of some packs I ripped, but I never pulled the Murph. these cards are almost exactly like the base Topps cards, just 4 times the size. Oddly enough, I've got a nifty post planned soon for some Topps Super.

1985 Donruss Mail-in Large Sized Diamond Kings

This is the first one of these cards I've ever seen in person and they look fantastic. I almost feel bad I never mailed in the offer for these sets. I think '85 Donruss is probably the best looking set they did, and it looks better jumbo sized.

85 & 86 Dale Murphy Donruss All Star cards

Until Donruss shrunk them to regular size, this postcard sized All Star set from Donruss was one of the best oddballs every year from '83-'87. I have a ton of these cards but these two will be going into my Murphy box.

1998 Topps Super Chrome Andruw Jones

When Topps found out people would buy shiny Finest cards like crazy, they spent much of the '90s chroming up everything in sight. In '98 they thought it would be a good idea to make regular Chrome cards, just really really big. They only did it once so I guess it didn't sell very well, but I bought a few packs back in the day chasing this Andruw.

Steve also sent along a complete set of 1990 Collect-a-Books. This is an interesting development, because I just dispersed most of another set for the giveaways. I think I'll save these for a future post.

Finally, there was a little pack of normal cards, including some gold foil Chippers and anumbered Smoltz from Updates & Highlights and a 1993 Lemke. Dang you guys are going to force me into being a Lemmer SuperCollector aren't you?

Thanks Easy! You'll get some stuff sooner or later!

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